No more singing like chipmunks? Crap!

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We are in real danger of losing helium from our planet. Please read the article, “The world is running out of helium: Nobel prize winner” by Lin Ed for all the details. Briefly, Nobel Prize winner physicist Robert Richardson has presented us with a warning that the world’s helium supplies will dwindle to nothing in the next thirty or so years. Now although my title for this blog is a tad tongue and cheek, the loss of one our base elements is not a laughing matter.

Many might think, who cares its a stupid gas that is only valuable as stupid party trick (which can also be quite deadly). But that’s not the point.  Helium is more valuable than having a squeaky voice.  It is also more valuable than any of the other uses mentioned in the above article, such as a coolant for MRI machines.

The scariest thing is that this overuse of helium, an element that cannot be created artificially, around for billions of years, is a terrible symptom of a much larger problem, the overuse of the earths resources. I’m not here to tout an agenda of global warming or an anti-oil drilling campaign. All that I can say is that I hope that for the the sake of the world and our own survival, each and everyone of us, should try using some common sense. Nothing lasts forever. And to utilize all our resources as though there is no tomorrow will likely lead to a self-fulfilled prophecy. Now it may be helium that is on its last legs, but other elements could soon follow, like carbon or oxygen.

After that, where will we find ourselves.

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