Rich People Will Steal Candy from Babies?

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Well, according to a nationwide study lead by UC Berkeley, researchers consistently found that people who were considered in the upper-class were a tad less ethical than other members of society.  They are more likely to lie, cheat, cut people off while driving, and perform less than ideal behavior.

The researchers feel that, in some ways, the way that rich people got rich, was due to their rather liberal attitude toward greed.  The study is in a long line of research that focuses  on relationship between economic class and antisocial  behaviors.

In this investigation 1,000 individuals of lower-, middle- and upper-class backgrounds were surveyed on their general ethical character.  From driving to stealing candy from kids, specific tests were also used to map out the unethical behavior of individuals, and they found that overall, the higher the socio-economic class, the less hung-up they were with that little voice in their head called conscience.

This research doesn’t necessarily apply to true criminal behavior, as it seems, but rather it applies to acting like a jerk.

So if you are doing some of the things suggested by the press release for this research, Upper class more like to be scofflaws, stop.

No one likes jerks.

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