Is This Another Reason Why Kids Swear?

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Does your kid swear a lot and you can’t figure out why?

Do you try to punish them and teach them proper polite speech etiquette, only to have them tell you to “F-off?”

Whose to blame?



Your own unchecked hypocritical potty mouth?

Well, probably but more than that it could actually involve the books that your children are reading.

Researchers at BYU found that in teen literature there is actually a rather large amount of swearing.  Of course BYU is a religious school and its view of “cussing” may not necessarily reflect the rest of the world.

With that said, the researchers found that swearing was high and the characters that swore the most were rich, popular and handsome.

So it would not be surprising that kids would want to emulate such characteristics.  Who wouldn’t want to be rich, popular and handsome, especially if you just had to say a few bad words?

I must admit, it would be damn sweet, if was true.

Foul-mouthed characters in teen books have it all, study finds

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