Science Sarcastic | May 10th 2012

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Welcome to Science Sarcastic!


You’re beautiful, Vesta

Ahhhhh, what a cute planet!


New twist on ancient math problem could improve medicine, microelectronics

You mean 2+2 = 5?  I knew it!


Free-floating planets in the Milky Way outnumber stars by factors of thousands

Oliver Twist was an orphan and he was pretty cool.  So was Annie.


Neighboring chimp communities have their own nut-cracking styles



OHSU researchers develop new animal model for 1 of the least understood medical issues: ADHD

Lab rats are hyper enough?  I mean has anyone else tried to teach them the basics of molecular biology and actually have any of them pay attention, let alone recall what you said?  And now they purposely want to give them ADHD?  Wow!

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