Another Reason Not To Castrate Sheep With Teeth

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There’s a great episode of Dirty Jobs, in which Mike Rowe comes to realize that the accepted use of a rubber band to castrate a lamb is not the most humane way to perform such an act, but instead, he learned that by castrating the sheep with his teeth, it is not only faster, but the animal recovers more rapidly as well. You can check out the you-tube video.

Now data has come out from the CDC that showed two Wyoming ranchers had become infected with Campylobacter jejuni. Symptoms of this type of infection, which are commonly from exposure to animal feces, usually resemble food poisoning and can last from 24 hours to a week.

Castration by teeth is likely the better choice for sheep castration, no matter how gross you may find it; however, if you are planning on making a weekend out of this particular act, the CDC feels that good hygiene is the best option for you and the sheep.


CDC: Notes from the Field: Campylobacter jejuni Infections Associated with Sheep Castration — Wyoming, 2011

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