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Obesity, Good Thing? Maybe a little for ALS Patients | Uncomplicated Scientist

Obesity, Good Thing? Maybe a little for ALS Patients

Written by  //  May 11, 2011  //  Science  //  No comments


There’s always a select group that just loves to spit in the eye of common wisdom.  Showing all of us that the way we think just might be a tad wrong, if not stupid.  It started with Copernicus and Galileo, the jerks, proving everyone wrong that we aren’t the center of the universe.  But did it stop, there?  No!

Of course, there were the people that showed us that the earth wasn’t round (common lore tell us this was Columbus, but some how I feel this pampered elitist gold hungry racist bigot was not the first to have such a thought).  There was Darwin that showed us the human race was much older than we previously thought.  Watson and Crick showed us that our heredity was not mainly controlled by proteins.

Just when we were getting comfortable with our preconceived  false notions of the world once again,  Sabrina Paganoni and her colleagues, from the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Massachusetts, had to go ahead and cause another damn paradigm shift.

And what did they find, you might ask?

That obesity is not a health hazard, at least not for everyone.

In people suffering from  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),it was found that people that were mildly obese survived longer than thin, average and even overweight patients.  The likely culprit, according to researchers, is that mildly obese patients have extra energy reserves, whereas skinny patients reserves may be depleted.  This depletion could lead to increase stress on the body and a quicker death by ALS.

So I guess obesity can be good.

Mild obesity appears to improve survival in ALS patients

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