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Attack of the Zombie Carpenter Ants!! | Uncomplicated Scientist

Attack of the Zombie Carpenter Ants!!

Written by  //  May 10, 2011  //  Nutrition, Science  //  No comments


Zombie ants are kind of creepy.

Pretty much the walking undead of insects that were infected by fungus which alter the ants normal behavior.

Near death, the fungus infected insects will walk to a spot which is optimal for growth of the fungus and then die.

Fungus is controlling the actions of an insect?

Creepy!  Before they die to they feast on their own?

Let’s hope this never happens to us, or at the very least lets pray to god the SyFy channel doesn’t decide to make another award filming film about fungus infections that turn us into mindless zombies.

Zombie ants have fungus on the brain, new research reveals.

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