My Doorway Made Me Forget

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Its happened to us all.

We get up from the couch, with a single task in mind, but as soon as we get into another room, we completely forget what we were supposed to do.


Now what?

Well, if you’re anything like me, your mind will be completely blank, you will stare at the wall for several moments before deciding to return from whence you came, such as the couch, watching your favorite TV show.  Once you get comfortable, everything comes flooding back and you get up again, hopefully this time keeping your memory intact long enough to complete the task.

Finally, according to the EurekaLert press release, Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows, science has shown why we are so forgetful and it is not our fault.

Psychology professor Gabriel Radvansky from the University of Notre Dame feels that it is actually the fault of the doors to a bedroom that make us forgetful.  According Radvansky, crossing through a doorway threshold, acts as an ‘event boundary,’ which acts as a reset button for our minds. Our minds like to create little organized kernels of information, which is helpful in the overall organization and analysis of our memories.  In one room we have a set of memories, but as soon as we cross the door, our brain resets, and creates a new set of memories in relation to the new room. Sometimes during this transition, our train of thought becomes derailed, and we completely forget why were we are in that room in the first place.

I always knew, doors couldn’t be trusted.

I think this is actually the perfect time to irrationally start removing all doors and throwing them in the dump.  Then again if they are made of pine wood, perhaps you can donate them to scientists in Georgia and they can make car fuel out of them (Super Yeast + Pine Trees = car fuel).

I guess before we do anything to drastic  we should do a few more experiments.  I mean do people who live in lofts have a better memory recall?

How about people who live in tents?

Or underneath the stars?

Where do they all fall on the whole forgetfulness spectrum?

Just wondering.

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